Our Mission

CORES Care provides service that exemplifies our values of: Compassionate, Outstanding Relationships with Extraordinary Service. It is with great pleasure that we extend our hand to the community as a business that serves a population ranging from adolescence to the end of life. We provide private in-home nursing services to those who have illness, injury, or chronic conditions that may have become homebound, or may simply prefer to be cared for in their home. We are dedicated to showing compassion, dignity, and respect to you and your loved ones that need home health care assistance, and we pride ourselves with the ability to provide high quality care in the safety and comfort of your own residence.

Taking care of your health

Communication is Key

We are dedicated to maintaining open lines of communication between family members and clients as we tailor our care packages to individual needs.

Committed  To Help

We are committed to finding the best way to provide care to our new clients and be that set of extra hands that every family needs.

Dedicated Nurse

Each client will receive consistent 1:1 care from a registered nurse.

Our Goal

CORES Care is a company that has strong ties to the Chapel Hill community and our main goal is to “reinforce and supplement the care provided by family members and friends and encourage maximum independence” as dictated by the National Association of Home Care & Hospice. We understand that in this time many people are stepping into the role of primary caregiver for family members, many of whom have sophisticated medical needs. There is an increasing number of people who fit into the “Sandwich Generation”, a group of adults who are trying to raise their own children, while also having to care for aging parents. After an extended period, taking care of anyone can cause burnout or caregiver role strain when family members, especially those without a medical background, often feel an overwhelming sense of stress and anxiety associated with caring for the sick. CORES Care works to help relieve the burden of complex day-to-day care that can easily wear on those that do not get respite. We want to partner with families and give you the confidence to rely on our expertise, while allowing us to provide exceptional nursing care to the people that you love. Our intention is to serve the Chapel Hill community that we love so much, and eventually expand to surrounding areas as the need for home health care continues to rise. Our dream is to build a collaborative network of physicians, respiratory therapists, dieticians, social workers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and other medical professionals that can provide a combination of health care services together.

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